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Sewer Camera Inspections: The Hassle-Free & Cost-Effective Way To Find Your Blockage

Sewer line problems can get messy. With a blocked or clogged sewer line, you may encounter sewage backup in your Northwest Indiana home drains. With a damaged sewer line, sewage could spill out into your yard. You will be left with foul-smelling, hazardous waste throughout your home and your lawn. Luckily, we have the solution for you: a sewer camera inspection.

A video inspection can effectively pinpoint the damaged or clogged sewer line in your system, and the process is simple and affordable! There is no need for digging, and your yard remains intact. Through an easy sewer camera inspection, a FreeFlow technician will locate your pipeline problem and devise the best solution for your Northwest Indiana sewer lines.

What is a Sewer Camera Inspection?

It’s simple. There’s a camera attached to a flexible cable, and this is inserted into your pipelines. No digging is required to insert the camera because it can be placed right into the existing access points! From there, the camera is fed through the entire sewer line network of your Northwest Indiana home.

The camera placed in your pipes sends a real-time, color video stream of the inside of your sewer lines to an above-ground monitor. Our FreeFlow technician will watch this monitor and identify any problems within your sewer lines. You can be present during the inspection, and our friendly technicians will explain the images on the monitor to you, pointing out any discovered issues.

Sewer camera inspections can identify clogged sewer lines, root intrusions, broken pipelines, sewage buildup inside of the pipes, and more. Whatever is plaguing your sewer system, our experienced technicians will identify it and come up with the most effective solution for your Northwest Indiana pipelines.

The 7 Benefits of Sewer Video Inspections by FreeFlow

A sewer camera inspection comes with many benefits for your Northwest Indiana home, from saving your yard to preventing future damage from sewer line problems. Continue reading to explore the benefits of a sewer camera inspection by FreeFlow Environmental.

  1. Preserve Your Lawn
    A sewer camera inspection is non-invasive, meaning we won’t dig up your lawn to perform the inspection. Our technicians will use existing access holes, so your yard will remain intact.
  2. Identify the Source of Your Clogged Sewer Line
    If you’ve had sewage backing up into your home, we will find the clogged sewer line. Our sewer camera inspections allow us to identify the exact location of the blockage and determine the best solution for your particular problem.
  3. Find Any Damaged Pipe Walls
    A cracked sewer line can allow sewage to leak out into the surrounding area, whether that is within your home or underground. Finding the exact location of the damaged pipeline allows us to promptly and efficiently repair the cracks and prevent sewage from spilling out into your yard and home.
  4. Locate Sewer Line Root Intrusions
    Tree roots can be unpredictable, but they are certainly drawn to the warm, wet environment within and around your sewer lines. With a sewer camera inspection, we can find any areas that roots may be entering or damaging your sewer lines, causing a leakage or backup of wastes. By identifying the root intrusion, we can determine the best solution to keep roots out of your sewer lines.
  5. Determine the Overall State of Your Underground Pipelines
    As time goes on, you may end up with a buildup of wastes inside your sewer lines. Wastes (especially fats, grease, and oils) can get stuck to the walls of your pipelines. This buildup can grow overtime, eventually causing a blockage. Sewer camera inspections allow our technicians to identify the overall state of your pipelines, including any buildup, clogged sewer lines, cracked pipelines, root intrusions, etc.
  6. Recognize Problems Before They Get Worse
    The key to preventing costly repairs is prevention. By identifying problems early, they can be repaired before getting any worse. Sewer line problems tend to escalate over time, causing worse backups or leakage later on. The worse the problem gets, the more expensive it may be to repair. With a sewer camera inspection, we can identify any problems and repair them early.
  7. Save Money with Sewer Camera Inspections
    Not only can a sewer camera inspection save you money by catching and treating problems early, but the actual inspection is lower-cost and highly effective. Because there is no need for excessive digging, prices are kept low. Excavation is not needed to examine the pipelines, and there are no yard repairs necessary because the lawn remains intact.

Overall, sewer camera inspections bring many benefits to the homeowners of Northwest Indiana. They can save you money while identifying any abnormalities within your sewer lines. Scheduling a video inspection will allow rapid, efficient repairs to have your sewer system working effectively in no time.

When is a Sewer Camera Inspection Needed?

These are the main indications that you have a pipeline problem that can be best identified with sewer camera inspections:

  • You have slowed draining in your Northwest Indiana home.
  • There are foul smells coming from your drains or in your yard.
  • You hear strange noises from your pipelines when waste is moving through them.
  • There is sewage backup from your sewer lines and into your drains.
  • It seems that you have multiple clogged drains in your home.
  • There are unusually bright, green patches in your lawn.

Who Can Perform Your Inspection in Northwest Indiana?

FreeFlow Environmental has the trained and experienced team to perform the most effective sewer camera inspection at your Northwest Indiana home or business. With years of experience, we know exactly what we are looking for and will identify any problem within your sewer system. Whether you have a major clogged sewer line or just the start of a crack in your pipeline wall, we will locate the problem and come up with the best repair solution for you. Don’t wait until your sewer line problems get worse – have an inspection today! Contact FreeFlow Environmental of Northwest Indiana to have your sewer camera inspection and expert sewer line repair services started immediately!

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