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Everything You Need To Know About Septic Tanks & Septic Pumping

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Everything You Need To Know About Septic Pumping in Northwest Indiana (NWI)

Did you know that the waste in your septic tank separates into three main components? These include scum, effluent, and sludge. The scum is the oil and grease waste, which floats on top. At the bottom, solid wastes settle and become sludge. The effluent sits in between these two layers and consists of liquid waste. Though the effluent flows out of the tank to be treated in the drainfield, the sludge and scum accumulate over time and can cause issues in your septic tank. To avoid costly repairs to your septic system, schedule regular septic inspections and septic tank pumping at your Northwest Indiana home.

Septic pumping is the process of removing wastes, particularly solid wastes, from your septic tank. During this service, the access lids will be opened, the wastes inside will be pumped out, the tank will be washed, and the lids will be resealed. The process is simple and effective, and it can keep your Northwest Indiana septic system healthy for years to come.

The Septic Pumping Process for Northwest Indiana

Septic tank pumping is a simple, efficient process that allows you to be confident that your septic system is in good condition and working effectively. Below we have outlined the process to help you understand what services you will receive when you schedule septic tank pumping by FreeFlow Environmental of Northwest Indiana (NWI).

  1. Remove the access lids.
    Before the pumping process can begin, the FreeFlow technicians need to gain access to your underground septic tank. This is accomplished by opening the access lids of the tank. Sometimes, these lids become worn or corroded. If this is the case, the lid may become damaged and require replacement.
  2. Pump the wastes from the tank.
    Our technicians use a vacuum truck with an attached high-power hose to pump the contents of your tank. The scum, sludge, and remaining effluent will be removed from the tank.
  3. Wash out the septic tank.
    To ensure all wastes are removed, the inside of the septic tank is washed out with water. This loosens any stuck-on scum and sludge and allows the tank to be completely cleaned.
  4. Visually inspect the system.
    After the tank has been pumped and cleaned, your technician will visually inspect the septic tank for any damages or signs of residual wastes. This can allow for repairs or additional cleaning as necessary.
  5. Replace the access lids.
    Once your septic tank pumping is complete, the lids will be placed in position, and the system will be sealed off once again. Your septic tank will be clean, and your system will operate at peak performance.

What Can Happen Without Septic Pumping?

Without regular septic pumping, the sludge and scum inside of your septic tank will continue to build up. Overtime, these solid wastes can block the inlet and outlet of your septic tank. If the inlet is blocked, sewage will flow back into your home because it cannot access the tank. If the outlet becomes blocked, effluent may not be able to escape the tank, or the sludge and scum may flow out of the tank and into the drainfield.

The drainfield is the underground area where the liquid waste is naturally treated. If solid wastes (scum and sludge) enter this area, filtration and treatment will be disrupted. The solid wastes can also travel up through the soil to the surface of your yard, leaving horrible smells and significant health hazards in your Northwest Indiana (NWI) lawn. Septic pumping is essential to prevent the backflow of sewage into your home and the accumulation of solid wastes within your yard.

FreeFlow Has the Septic Pumping Services for You

You need a working septic system to maintain a healthy, happy life in your Northwest Indiana home. We want to help you achieve and maintain that goal. Our team is trained and experienced in septic tank maintenance. We promise to work with timeliness and efficiency to have your septic tank clean and functional as soon as possible. When you choose FreeFlow for your septic pumping needs, you can rest assured that we will provide exceptional service while keeping the costs low and quality high. Contact FreeFlow Environmental for all of your Northwest Indiana septic tank pumping needs!

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