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Backups? Puddles? Flooding? Odors?



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Backups? Puddles? Flooding? Odors?

Sump Pump, Ejector Pump and Lift Station Pump Repair and Replacement Services

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Sump Pumps, Sewage Ejector Pumps and Lift Station Pumps are one of the things you don’t think about until it’s too late, potentially causing thousands of dollars in damage to your home. A new pump from FreeFlow Environmental provides the peace of mind that every homeowner seeks. To further increase peace of mind, quality battery backup systems remove any doubt that your basement will stay dry.

FreeFlow recommends having your residential sump pump checked annually to ensure it’s in proper functioning order. Our skilled technicians can both detect problems and help prevent future damage from occurring. If your sump pump should stop working, it’s critical to identify the cause of the problem and find a solution. Letting sump pump issues go untreated puts your property in jeopardy, so be sure to call us before the next big storm hits in order to avoid serious damage to your home.

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Pump Replacement from FreeFlow Enviromental

Northwest Indiana homes have many components that keep them functioning behind the scenes. For example, there are many pumps involved in a home drainage system. These include sump pumps, sewage ejector pumps, and lift station pumps. Sump pumps ensure water levels do not rise and flood your basement or lower portions of your home. Sewage ejector pumps push waste from lower levels into the main sewer lines. Lift station pumps also move wastewater from lower areas toward the higher sewer lines. All these pumps are necessary to keep unwanted water and waste from damaging your home.

FreeFlow recommends your Northwest Indiana home sump pump be checked annually to ensure proper function. These inspections can identify problems with your pump, pipes, or valves early on to prevent significant damage to your property later. Whether your sump pump appears in working order or you need a replacement, FreeFlow Environmental can help determine the best course of action to ensure your home retains value and a healthy environment.

It is crucial to provide maintenance to your home pumping systems. If the pumps fail, damage to your home can be costly and problematic. FreeFlow also recommends a battery backup system be installed to ensure the pumps will always function properly, preventing damage to your home in the event of lost power. The technicians at FreeFlow Environmental of Northwest Indiana look forward to guiding you through your pump inspections, repairs, installations, or replacements. Reach out today for a quote on the pump services you require at your Northwest Indiana home or business.