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5 Reasons You Need A Septic Inspection Before Buying A Home

Purchasing a new home can be exciting! It also comes with many considerations. For example, what is the waste management system? Does the home have city sewer services or a septic tank? If it has a septic tank, is the system working properly? A septic inspection is essential when buying a home in Northwest Indiana because septic systems can cause many issues and become costly if they are not maintained.

Besides ensuring your septic system is working, there are many reasons to have a septic inspection prior to purchasing your new home in Northwest Indiana. Read below to understand the advantages of having a septic inspection before moving forward on a home purchase.

  1. A septic tank inspection may be required for a loan.
    Many banks require a septic inspection before they will issue a loan to homebuyers. If the inspection is not performed ahead of time, this can cause delays in the process of purchasing your home. It can also prevent the bank from issuing loans altogether, as septic issues can become costly and cause property damage.
  2. An inspection can identify problems with the septic system before you commit to the home purchase and are stuck with an expensive repair bill.
    Septic repairs can sometimes be costly. By identifying problems before you purchase the home, you can decide if you want to commit to making those necessary repairs. You can also ask that they be repaired before you close on the home.
  3. If repairs are necessary, an inspector may be able to estimate the costs.
    When repairs are needed, the inspectors may be able to give a cost estimate. This can allow you to better determine if you want to continue with the purchase and commit to the cost of repairs. It can also give you the ability to negotiate with the seller, requesting this amount for repairs to the home.
  4. Septic inspections can prevent health hazards for the family.
    Damaged or malfunctioning septic systems can cause waste backup into pipelines or into the ground around the septic system. This waste can leak into the yard and the clean water supply. Waste in the clean water supply can cause contamination of the water used for drinking, bathing, washing laundry, and more. This contamination can cause health problems for everyone in the household. A septic inspection can prevent these hazards by recognizing problems before they affect the household.
  5. The inspection will allow you to be certain the septic tank is an adequate size for your family.
    A family of two does not need the same septic tank size as a family of eight. If you have a larger family and end up with a small septic tank, it may require more frequent pumping and maintenance to keep up with the demands of your family. To prevent this, a septic inspection can identify the tank size and determine if it is appropriate for your family.

When purchasing a new home in Northwest Indiana, a septic system inspection is necessary before closing. Whether to guarantee you will receive a loan or to ensure the safety of your family, an inspection will pinpoint any damages or malfunctions within the system. Before you commit to costly repairs, have a septic inspection performed for all potential home purchases.

How Can You Get A Septic Inspection?

FreeFlow Environmental of Northwest Indiana offers exceptional septic services, including inspections. Contact us today to schedule an inspection and ensure your new home will be operating at its highest potential before you move in!

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