My Husband and I built our home in 1994, the builder, county permit department and the septic company all had a copy of our blue prints, showing 2 bathrooms upstairs and 1 downstairs. We started having problems within the first 3 years of living there. Heavy rains, regular laundry, showers and water use would produce a septic odor in the basement and in the yard. We contacted the builder who told us to contact the septic company (who of course was now out of business). I first called a septic pumping company who advised us that we needed more dirt over the system. Another company told us TOO MUCH dirt, the system cannot absorb properly. Another company said NO HOPE, we needed a whole new system installed. I really had an open check book for someone to help us, when I found an ad on the internet for FreeFlow Environmental. What they were proposing made sense. I don’t know if you have ever had to dig a hole in the clay of NW Indiana but it is literally like concrete. We have never been more satisfied with an investment than we have been with FreeFlow Environmental. I would not have believed it, but it really works.

Thank you,

David & Valerie G

Attn: Dave

Thank you (again & again) for working with us! And from long distance.
Eric was very co-operative in handling these repairs quickly and responsibly.

RE: Excellent Customer Satisfaction

Dear Mr. P;

My husband and I wanted to write this letter to let you know we appreciated your promptness, and your positive work ethics, when deciding the solution to our septic and leach field needs. It’s such a delight to have someone, like yourself, make us feel reassured and confident that the septic problems we had, can and would, be alleviated. In this day and age there are too many business owners that won’t take the time to make the potential clients feel at ease or even explain the process with intelligence, such as you did. We must say that you were a “God Send”! We had both been praying literally, “Please Heavenly Father send us someone to help us with this septic problem”! Feeling confident that He would send us or give us the information we needed to rectify the problem but at the same time starting to feel discouraged based on who we had dealt with just 2 days before calling you. I am telling you this story as a proclamation of Faith. I had just reached for the yellow pages in my phone book and had spoken to another person, who again, gave us the basic “you’re doomed” speech. Now I felt in my heart “don’t listen”, and lo and behold, I came across your advertisement and handed over the phone for Jim to give you a call. Well, as the old adage goes, “The rest in history”. Dave, you and your co-worker were definitely both “Fantastic”!!! I wanted to write this letter to prove to you that there are still folks out there that care enough to sit down write a letter expressing how they feel about customer/client satisfaction, even today. Keep up the great work and positive attitude. We believe that you will be successful in whatever you venture on and do.

Thank you again!

Dear FreeFlow,

This is in regards to the work you done in our crawlspace on 6/28.
We would like you to know what a fine job they did and how hard they worked. They did FreeFlow proud! What a dirty, messy job. When they finished the clean-up was awesome. It looked like they were never here. Also, we were very satisfied how Eric & crew kept us informed every step of the way. We could not asked for anything better. Great job and many thanks!

Steve and Arlene

PS: Had a hard rain this A.M. and everything works great!

TO: FreeFlow
Attn: Eric C

Eric, Just want to thank you for the excellent job you did today. From the time you arrived to the the time you finished, you kept me informed of exactly what your crew was doing and how things were progressing. I appreciate the extra care you took around the fireplace in order not to damage the front of the unit. Your crew was neat, friendly, and efficient. They took care to seal off the areaand when they finished, they vacuumed the entire carpet to make sure it was like when they arrived. Again, thank you for solving my seepage water problem.

Leonard S

Betty -

Loved These Guys! We had trouble with our septic for years! They came out and cleaned our distribution box and cleaned the laterals and we have not had ANY trouble since! Awesome work!!!
Their experience in the market works! They are great!

Hi David!
I just wanted to say how impressed me and my husband were with Eric. He did a wonderful job! Way more than I expected!!! From the moment he started walking around our yard with us until the job was completed. He was completely professional and laid back. He answered every question (no matter how stupid it was or if I needed more of an explanation). He took his time and even spoke with my mom on the phone and explained everything to her that needed to be done and what could have caused it. Words cannot express how impressed we were with Eric. Your company is truly exceptional and, from what I saw, so are you and your employees. We will definitely be repeat customers in the future for any septic needs or cleanings we will have done. We have also passed the word around. Oh, and our yard is dry and looking good!!!!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!
Anne Marie ; )

Dear FFE,

5 Years we ago were having slow draining problems in our house and our back yard was always soggy. I had the septic tank pumped twice but that didn’t solve the problem. Later, talking to a neighbor, he mentioned FreeFlow and how it had helped him. So I called and set up an appointment for their service. When they applied their treatment I could see the sludge and ash being forced back into the septic tank which meant that it was really opening up the plugged field tile. From the day they left we have not had any problems with our septic system. Originally we had envisioned having to replace our field tile but we’re glad we tried FreeFlow first. That has saved us a lot of money.

Wayne E.

To Whom IT May Concern;

In 2002 I had a major backup of sewage in my home. I called FreeFlow in the hope that I would not have to put in a costly new drain field. David told me that he thought the approach that they used might work instead, at a fraction of the cost. I have been pumping out the septic tank every 3 – 4 years since the 2002 problem. Now in 2010 everything seems to going fine. I would highly recommend FreeFlow. David is a sociable, understanding individual who I consider very trustworthy. I am sure glad that I had him do the job for me.

Ron H

August 26, 2010

Freeflow Environmental
228 W US Highway 30 # 176
Schereville, IN 46375-1854

Re: Case # 26032067: Ann Marie

We are very glad to inform your of this highly complimentary letter from one of your consumers. It was very refreshing to receive it since about 99% of our mail deals with complaints on companies.

Thank you so much for the favourable experience given to this consumer.


Maria Anciani-Dutt
Dispute Resolution Services
bbb of Northern Indiana