Our Mission

FreeFlow Environmental Mission:

Bringing cutting-edge solutions to mundane drainage issues.

FreeFlow Environmental Vision:

That we give our brand, FreeFlow, the single greatest promise to our clients is that they can trust us to repair and service their septic system needs and repairs. We are accountable for our service and go out of our way to be a trusted, credible resource for clients.

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System and Support

CEO and Founder David Perdicaris has assembled an experienced franchise support team to provide comprehensive hands-on training and ongoing support to each individual franchise location. The FreeFlow corporate staff is comprised of experts in Field Experts, Sales &Marketing Reps, Human Resources, Accounting, Laborers, and Technology who will guide through each step in the FreeFlow process.

Start Up Support Includes Assistance with:

  • Company formation
  • Territory selection
  • Truck design and inventory
  • Estimates, Pricing, & Billing
  • Comprehensive training
  • Employee Hiring and Training
  • Compilation of cryotherapy research and data
  • All Aspects of Business Support
  • Marketing & Sales training
  • Administrative training
  • Support with formation and launch of social media sites, SEO, Ad Words, etc.
  • Access to all proprietary manuals: operations, human resources, safety, daily procedures

Technology Training:

  • Any Online software and apps
  • QB’s Accounting software
  • Marketing software and applications
  • Ongoing social media support

On Going Support Once Operational:

  • Visits from corporate support team
  • Ongoing industry education
  • Consistent email and phone communication
  • Ongoing training and industry updates
  • Expert and responsive mechanical and industry support
  • Ongoing research and development
  • Access to approved suppliers
  • Advertising and marketing support

Exclusive Support & Systems

  • Use of confidential Operations Manual, trademark and logo
  • Protected Territory Rights
  • Exclusive training documents
  • Access to proprietary franchisor programs

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Next Steps

Step 1: Website

• Review website to understand who we are and what we offer as a franchise system.

Step 2: Complete and submit the Information Form

• The first step toward owning a FreeFlow franchise is to submit your request for information. The FreeFlow Franchise Development team will then contact you to answer your questions and to discuss how you start the franchise approval process.

Step 3: Complete and Submit Confidential Application

• Submit your Confidential Application. Our Franchise Development team member will review your application and discuss your personal objectives and specific plans for developing and owning a FreeFlow franchise.

Step 4: FreeFlow Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

• The FreeFlow team will provide you with our Franchise Disclosure Document, typically referred to as the FDD. The FDD document is required by the Federal Trade Commission and explains the details of the FreeFlow franchise model. We highly recommend that you thoroughly review this document as it contains important information regarding the FreeFlow background, our franchise program, and a preview of any documents you will sign when becoming a franchisee.

Step 5: Due Diligence Time

• Our Franchise Development team will be available to answer your questions related to the Franchise Disclosure Document. We will also arrange for you to speak with some of our franchisees to discuss the franchise opportunity and their personal experiences.

Step 6: Participate in an Evaluation Call with CEO and Team Members

• Our founder and his team will conduct an evaluation call to answer your questions and to establish if you and FreeFlow are a good fit for each other.

Step 7: Territory Review

• We will assist with how to complete a market study in your desired market. Once you the demographics are surveyed and agreed upon, they will be added to your Franchise Agreement.

Step 8: Discovery Day

Come to Indiana to meet CEO and team and see what a day in the life of FreeFlow is all about.

Step 9: Sign Franchise Agreements

• Upon final approval by our executive team the next step in the process will be the signing of your franchise agreements and payment of the franchise fee. Once we have countersigned your agreement, you are now officially a FreeFlow Franchisee. Our development team will begin working directly with you to successfully get your franchise location operational.

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* I understand that the information I am receiving from FreeFlow Franchise or from any associate, employee, agent of FreeFlow is highly confidential and cannot be shared or distributed. Submitting this form neither guarantees you nor obligates you to become a franchisee of FreeFlow.

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Contact Us

We would love to hear from you:

For Franchise Inquires Contact:

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For Questions, Comments, and Feedback Please Contact:

An Indiana Limited Liability Company
Corp. Address: 4411 Evans Avenue, Valparaiso, IN 46383-8407
Corp. # 219-548-8980
Corp. Website:

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About Us:

FreeFlow Environmental is an owner-operated business that was designed and built by professionals for professionals with the focus on all things drainage. The FreeFlow Environmental model mandates superior service on all levels as well as industry leading warranties, superior products, certified technicians, and the aggressively innovative use of cutting edge technology. FreeFlow Environmental provides services related to sewers (sanitary and storm) – septic systems – yard/landscape drainage – basement waterproofing – crawlspace waterproofing/encapsulation – foundation repair and mold inspection/remediation. This menu of services was strategically selected based on several critical operating similarities and the dramatic affect these similarities have on overhead, margins, and ultimately success.

The basic premise of the FreeFlow Environmental franchise opportunity is:

Over 30 plus years of experience building and operating market-dominant mechanical firms have led to the uniquely refined business approach now utilized in the FreeFlow Environmental model. At first glance it would appear that the business model is much like other firms operating within this category. However, once introduced to the subtle differences in service delivery, pricing, average job size and duration, and the management systems that the FreeFlow system provides, the reality of a dramatically different company quickly comes into focus. When selecting a business/investment opportunity it is important to note that the FreeFlow Environmental Franchise opportunity was designed to achieve two key objectives:

  1. Operate primarily in an environment where the competition is minimal.
  2. Make sure the demand for services is high.

In this ideal situation there is no need for large marketing expenses, heavy payrolls, 50 – 80 hour weeks, lack of retirement planning, general unease about what tomorrow will bring. This is a highly flexible and scalable business model which will allow for a franchisee to add revenue and profitability in significant multiples as appropriate to operational capabilities and market size.

Qualifications recommended for potential franchise owners:

  • Strong Sales and Client Service Abilities • Good with Timing and Schedule Management • High Personal Standards • Able to Meet Initial Investment Requirements • Strong Sense of Integrity in Corporate and Client Relationships • A Willingness and Commitment to Excellent Service

Targeted experiences for potential franchise owners may include: Franchise Operations or Hospitality Service Industry, AND Or Experienced Business Owner and/or Managerial Experience

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